Core value #6: Hard Work is Expected and Rewarded

Our core values are taken seriously here at Ski Butlers. Like a lot of companies, we went through the motions when we started, coming up with a very simple, yet impactful, vision and mission statement. The core values, however are what really allowed us to not only see our vision and mission through, but also gave us the tools to grow smart in the ski rental delivery world. 
Hard Work is Expected and Rewarded has sincerely been the core value of the year” for Ski Butlers Steamboat, without a doubt. This has been an exceptionally challenging winter as we’ve gone through yet another year of staggering growth while hiring the largest team we’ve ever seen here in Steamboat. The 240 plus inches of snowfall so far this season certainly plays a role as well, as we delivery ski rentals to hundreds of snow chasers. While most larger Ski Butlers tend to run their shops with a team of 10 plus guys and gals, we here in Steamboat have been a team of 4 – 5 until this year. This year we increased to 9, including our owners (hey, we count). This shift wouldn’t have been possible without our core values leading us, especially Hard Work is Expected and Rewarded. 
Our team has never worked so hard. We’ve had to be more strategical with our hiring and training, as we’ve faced mid-season hiring for the first time. Our managers and team leads are working overtime, watching out for the team and making sure moral is never compromised, as well as making sure our customers are experiencing our legendary service 100% of the time. 

They’ve also been massively rewarded. After a crazy holiday season, we took our entire team out night-skiing and out for dinner. They deserved it. Working for Ski Butlers doesn’t just mean that you’ll be working hard. It means that you will work hard and play hard. We commend our team for stepping up when we needed them most and the result has been not only happy skiers, but also a sense of family within our shop. We all care so extensively for each other and you can clearly see it while they deliver ski rentals together, ski and snowboard together and hang out at the shop after hours. Yes, Hard Work is Expected and Rewarded. But the most rewarding part of that core value is a team that is bonded so tightly and makes us a family.

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