Creating More Time

One of the reasons I started working at Ski Butlers was the culture. I have been around the ski industry for a while- working at a ski shop in Pittsburgh during college, and now living in Park City for the past 7 years. I finally found a company that shared the same views and passions as I did. When I interviewed for the job, I remember talking about how I used to be the guy on vacation and valued the guest experience. I was assured that Ski Butlers customer service was incredibly important and was excited to see what that looked like. What I discovered was, Ski Butlers actually creates more time on your vacation.

Ski Butlers is not only a ski rental company- we are out to change the way you vacation. When I used to go on ski trips with my parents to Vail, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, etc, we would arrive and check-in to our hotel the first day. Waking up on the second day, no matter the conditions always meant an hour or two renting skis. It wasn’t a disappointment or a drag, it just was what we did. Sometimes the line was longer than others, sometimes it was full of screaming kids- but hey, you have to get your skis somewhere. Then we would set off on the mountain and enjoy our day.

Inevitably there was always someone unsatisfied with their gear. That’s not necessarily a knock on the rental company, just the nature of renting. No matter how new or nice the rental gear is, when you are in gear that is not your own, there is a chance it may not fit perfectly. We had two options when someone had gear that didn’t fit properly- go back to the shop in the middle of the day and lose out on ski time, or suck it up and ski uncomfortable until the end of the day. We then would either miss out on food to head back to the shop and switch out gear, or have to go back again the following morning and deal with it then. Neither option was ever too appealing, but again, we didn’t know any better. 

On the final day of the trip, when we are exhausted and looking to kick back and relax before heading to the airport, we always had to lug our gear back to where we rented from. Usually this was my dad’s job, I’m sure he really loved it. To drive my point home, nothing about this rental experience was unsatisfying- if we had gotten a survey, we probably would have given a 9 or 10 out of 10

We were uninformed. 

Maybe when I was a little kid, ski rental delivery didn’t exist. But I know when I was in highschool and college it did. We didn’t know there was more time out there to enjoy our trip. We didn’t know Ski Butlers would come directly to us with all of the equipment we could ever dream of. We didn’t know they would bring extra boots and extra helmets to make sure everything fit just right while we all sat around the fire in the comfort of our rental house. We didn’t know that if someone needed new boots or skis the next day that there was a company out there that would literally meet us at the bottom of a ski run to do a swap out. We didn’t know for basically the same price as we were paying for our other rentals that we could have this 5‑star service. We didn’t know that after our last day of skiing Ski Butlers would bring the van back and pick everything up while we relaxed in the hot tub- we didn’t even need to meet them. We didn’t know how much more time we could enjoy on our vacation by using Ski Butlers. 

I came to Ski Butlers for the culture, and it is everything I thought it would be. I am staying at Ski Butlers because I know how much better we make ski vacations for families all over the world by giving them more time. 

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