Weather Patterns in the Rockies — www​.Open​Snow​.com

What a winter it has been in the Rockies! After a couple mediocre seasons in 2012 and 2013, this year has provided incredible snowfall from start to finish. It seems like the weather patterns have been strong, consistent and exactly what all of us in the ski industry hope for every ski season. If you have not made it out West for a ski trip yet this year, you still have about 6 weeks to do so, but you better act fast!

Thanks to our good friends over at www​.open​snow​.com, we have not missed a beat with weather patterns this year. Many people assume being a meteorologist, is just like playing darts. You throw some out there, hoping that they will be good predictions but really have no idea until it hits whether or not it will work out how you imagined. Open Snow Powder Officers seem to have it figured out and take the guessing game out of weather with accurate forecasts all the time!

If you have not heard of www​.open​snow​.com, we suggest you start using them for all powder forecasts from New England all the way across the West through Colorado and Utah to California. They know their stuff, especially when it comes to predicting snowfall!

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