Daylight Savings Approaches

As summer officially comes to a close after labor day, most ski towns will go into what we locals like to call mud season”. This is the time of year that buffers the two busy seasons: summer and winter. Locals, in particular, love this time of year because all the tourists are gone and town becomes quite normal for two months or so. They also call it mud season” because it is usually accompanied by serious amounts of precipitation.
In the Spring, the wet conditions from melting snow and rain keep many locals from enjoying their skitown. However, the fall mud season is quite different. During this time, locals have access to the best mountain bike conditions of the season and can’t still enjoy warm weather until daylight savings occurs.
As daylight savings approaches on Sept. 22, locals will scramble to enjoy their last bit of the outdoors before the clocks are set back. Personally, I love daylight savings. It signifies the approach of ski season in Lake Tahoe and other North American resort towns. Summer business will shut down and ski rental shops will start preparing for the busy El Niño winter ahead of us. As many area shops wrap up their labor day sales, many potential lcustomers will start booking their trips for next winter. Also, competition heats up as many area ski and snowboard shops will start selling their services to the local community.

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