December Snow Report

This list is accurate as of 1216

The snow has arrived! 

If you told us at the beginning of December how much snow many of our resorts would have by this time we probably wouldn’t have believed you but Mother Nature has been good to us this year, treating us with multiple feet of snow. 

With all this snow that resorts have been getting it might be making your vacation planning a little complicated trying to figure out the best place to go for the best snow and conditions. 

We’ve compiled a list of snow reports from across all of our locations so you can see where the snow has been hitting the hardest.

Deer Valley

Deer Valley has had a solid start to the season with it’s season total at this point being 30 inches with a base of 24 inches. They currently have 9 lifts open with 13 trails. On average Deer Valley’s snowiest week is the second week of January so be ready for more snow in the following weeks. 

Park City

After a slow start Park City has finally gotten some much deserved snow with their season total standing at 33 inches with a base of 21 inches. They have 11 lifts open that have access to 21 trails across Park City and the Canyons. This is only 5% of their terrain so get ready for a lot more openings in the weeks to come.

Jackson Hole

So far Jackson Hole’s season total on their upper mountain has been 111 inches with a base of 41 inches while their mid mountain has had a season total of 63 inches with a 19 inch base. Between Utah and Colorado the only resort that has had more snow then Jackson has been Alta. 

They have 5 lifts currently open with access to 11 trails with much more predicted to be opened soon. 

Big Sky

Both Headwaters and Andesite currently have base depths of 26 inches with 11 lifts open and 39 skiable trails. This totals 958 of 5850 acres of land that can be accessed from the lifts so they are definitely looking for a bit more snow before opening up the rest of their mountain.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley currently only has Bald Mountain open with plans to open Dollar Mountain and Seattle Ridge December 17th. Their base stands at 36 inches with the top of the mountain having a base of 49 inches. So far they have 5 of their lifts running with 44 trails open and 24 of them being groomed.


Aspen Mountain has a base depth of 24 inches with 35 trails open accessed by 3 lifts. Aspen Highlands has a current base depth of 43 inches with 79 trails open and 4 lifts. Snowmass has a 35 inch base depth with 35 trails open and 9 lifts running and Buttermilk has a 19 inch base with 26 trails open and 3 lifts.

Copper Mountain

With a current season total of 80 inches and a base depth of 29 inches Copper is off to a good start with 61 of their 155 trails open and 12 of their 23 chair lifts running. 


Breck has had 72 inches of snow so far this season with their current base depth being 27 inches. They have 20 of their lifts running with only 26 of their trails open. This comes to only 13% of the terrain currently skiable so look out for a lot more trails opening up in the next few weeks. 


Keystone’s base depth sits at 19 inches right now with a season total of 46 inches. They have 15 trails open currently with 10 lifts running which comes out to only 11% of the terrain being open. With snow hopefully on the way they’ll be able to fill in that base a bit more and then begin opening more terrain. 


With a season total of 67 inches and 23 inches of fresh snow in the last seven days, Steamboat is starting to get nice coverage but will still need a few more storms before things really start to open up. They only have 3 of their lifts currently running and 8 out of 170 trails open. 


Telluride has seen 80 inches of snow so far this season with a base depth of 32 inches of primarily packed powder. They have 6 of their 17 lifts running with 28 trails currently open and 19 of those being groomed.


They currently have a season total of 69 inches with a base depth of 28 inches. 79 of their 317 trails are open, being accessed by 14 of their 33 lifts. This comes out to only 24% of the mountain currently skiable and with snow on the way, look out for more terrain being opened up in the next few weeks. 

Beaver Creek

With only 65 inches of snow so far this season, their base depth of 38 inches comes as a pleasant surprise. Beaver Creek has only 4 of their lifts currently running with access to 18 of their 169 trails which comes to only 10% of their terrain open. 

Whistler Blackcomb

So far Whistler has 150 inches of snow this season with a base depth of 70 inches which makes it one of the highest in North America currently. With all that snow they have 154 trails open and 22 of their 27 lifts running. This comes out to 57% of their terrain being opened which comes as no surprise.


Northstar has been off to a great start this season with a snow total of 130 inches and a base depth of 69 inches. In the last 7 days alone they have gotten 75 inches of new snow. Even with all this snow they still only have 6 of their lifts open and 35 trails accessible. This comes to only 33% of their terrain being open but we have a feel more should be opening up soon. 

Palisades Resort

It comes as no surprise, being right next to Northstar, that Palisades season total so far is at 135 inches with a current base depth of 54 inches. They have 6 lifts open with 18 trails, 6 of these being groomed. They are predicting more snow on the way for Lake Tahoe so this storm seems like it’s just started for our Lake Tahoe friends. 

Heavenly Mountain Resort

Heavenly’s season total currently stands at 97 inches with a base depth of 45 inches. They have 7 lifts running and 26 of their 122 trails open. This comes to only 21% of their mountain being skiable at the moment but with these big storms that Lake Tahoe has been getting more terrain should be opening up soon.

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