Delivering Service? at Ski Butlers

Ski Butlers has a new tagline – Delivering service.™
We believe it is more than just a tagline; it is a way of life. At Ski Butlers we don’t want our customers to be satisfied, we want them to be completely satisfied. We want to exceed their expectations, to WOW them, to make their experience legendary and go above and beyond the call of duty. Why? Because it is the service our customers deserve. 
To fulfill our promise on delivering service, our team members must be treated and compensated as if they are owners. We give them the incentives, training, and tools they deserve.
The Incentives
Team members can only be promoted if they score high enough on customer service survey scores
Team members receive bonuses monthly based on these scores. These bonuses can be up to 30% of their salary
The Training
We spend more on training than we do on advertising
Training is ongoing and consists of learning the business, the equipment, how to offer exceptional service and role playing of situations that might occur during the season. Ski Butlers boot camp begins this October for the 2011-12 season
The Tools
We have made investments to carry the newest equipment on the market from industry leaders like Rossignol, Dynastar, Volkl, Head, Burton and Smith
Most up to date ski tools and tuning/​waxing machines
This summer we have put more focus on these three aspects than ever before. We look forward to showing off our hard work by delivering legendary service to our customers this winter.
Bryn Carey and The Ski Butlers Team

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