Explore Vail, CO: 7 Places in Vail Where You can Stay for Your Next Vacation

Vail/Beaver Creek

The Vail in Colorado is the first place people think of when they want to ski in North America.

Many people go to the Vail every year to enjoy their bit of bright, white winter wonderland there. With that said, there are many ways you can make the most out of your vacation in Vail, Colorado. One of which is to choose the right place to stay in for your time there.

Accommodations are a vital part of any vacation, and in Vail, there are plenty of choices to choose from. To help narrow down your options, here are seven accommodations options to choose from when you are in Vail.


There are a handful of affordable places to stay in when you’re in Vail. However, it’s undeniable that Airbnb offers the cheapest accommodations. So, you can consider renting via Airbnb when in Vail.

Even without their affordability, Airbnb’s platform offers plenty of options for you to choose from. The flexibility and number of choices of the accommodations are a great plus for travelers everywhere. Aside from that, they offer unique options that you might not have found otherwise.

Moreover, Airbnb hosts often partner with professional home cleaners to ensure that it is clean before you check in. That’s why Maid Sailors Austin Maid Service recommends that you check whether they charge a cleaning fee. If they do, the chances are that your host is working with a professional home cleaner.

Vail Village

Vail Village gives off a small-town vibe for those looking for a more peaceful yet vibrant accommodation.

Although Vail Village has a more small-town feel to it, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t abuzz in here. Vail Village still has more shops and restaurants around for you to choose from. They also have great late-night spots.

It is also home to many luxury hotels such as Sonnenalp and Ritz Carlton, so if you plan to stay in one of these luxury hotels, you can stay in the Vail Village.

What’s excellent about Vail Village is that you’re a few steps away from high-end shops and restaurants. At the same time, you’re not too far from any access to skiing spots from there.

Golden Peak

If you’re more about the Vail skiing experience, you should consider staying at the Golden Peak.

The Golden Peak is a prime spot for you to watch national ski teams go to the gates during the skiing competitions. During the off-seasons for skiing competitions, you can enjoy more accessible access to Vail’s famous and favored skiing spots.

What’s great about the Golden Peak is that it’s a more underrated place to stay in. However, you’ll still see some seemingly mom-and-pop shops all around the area.


Lionshead has fewer shops and restaurants than in Vail Village. But that shouldn’t deter you at all because there are still plenty of places to behold there.

Unlike Vail Village, Lionshead can offer a more private feeling when you’re there. However, if you’re craving some activity, you can quickly head over to Vail Village via the free 15-minute shuttle ride.

Also, Lionshead has pretty easy and convenient access to your skiing spots, so there’s no worry about that either. If you want that small-town vibe with more serenity, you can stay at the Lionshead. And then you can head to the Vail Village when you want to explore shops and restaurants.

West Vail

The West Vail is much farther from all the action, but it’s a more affordable place to stay in than the nearer ones. Much like East Vail, West Vail also gets plenty of sunshine, and it’s home to many cheap hotels and condominiums. Streamside Serenity and Meadow Creek Condominiums are some choice stays in the area.

If you wish to be closer to where the action is, you can always take the free shuttle ride to the Vail Village.

East Vail

The East Vail is another excellent place to choose affordable accommodation for your vacation. You’ll have a picturesque view of the mountainous, snowy wonderland around you.

If you brought your kids with you, and they are not fond of skiing, the East Vail is one of the fantastic places to go. That’s because there are plenty of playgrounds, pools, and places in East Vail.

This includes The Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort, where you and your family can enjoy all sorts of activities while also having some accommodations.

Potato Patch and Sandstone

The Potato Patch and Sandstone areas are private neighborhoods and are a great place to stay if you’re not interested in being near ski spots. You can reach Vail Village in about 25 minutes or so nonetheless.

For ski enthusiasts who also want a family-friendly neighborhood, the Potato Patch and Sandstone is for you.

For one, the Sandstone neighborhood has many townhouses and condominiums. This means that you can find plenty of rental options.

As you get closer to the Potato Patch, you also get closer to famous local biking and hiking trails. This is thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to the national forest.

There are plenty of accommodation styles to choose from when visiting Vail in Colorado.

You can find luxury stays or quaint, peaceful accommodations. You can stay in places closer to the ski sites and other winter sports.

Other than that, there are plenty of things that you can do depending on the neighborhood you are in. Some are family-friendly, while some are ideal for those who want to experience tranquility.

So, whatever you want to do in Vail, you can definitely find a suitable place to stay.

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