Free Cookies!

Beaver Creek has top notch service. On a cold windy day I was getting off the lift and the BC employees were right there handing out hot chocolate, that alone made my day. Around 3:00 I went down to grab a beverage at McCoy’s café, and this time there were chef’s (atleast dressed like it) handing out chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, maybe the best cookies I’ve ever had. Beaver Creek places information” personnell all over the mountain to help their guests out, their is no excuse if you are lost on this mountain especially when they even have maps on the lift bar. Upon leaving the mountain the same day the employees were handing out free skiing postcards, and they even offered to mail them for you with no postage fees. How often do you get this kind of service at a ski resort? It might be a cold bitter day but the mountain does it’s best to keep their guests happy.


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