From Seasonal Work, to Building a Career

When I googled Jobs in Park City” after six months of working in corporate finance, my goal was not to start a career. All I was looking for was to ski everyday, explore the West, and still be able to afford my rent. A Ski Technician position at Ski Butlers checked all these boxes, so I packed up my car and left Boston, the place I had called home for 22 years. I– and my parents– expected me to spend a winter figuring it out” before making my way back to the city and onto the path that had been neatly laid out for me. 
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One week into my time at Ski Butlers a returning team member told me, Just so you know, if you work hard, you will move up.” This added a new element to the job: a challenge. This caused me to realize that Ski Butlers had much more to offer than a seasonal job in a ski town. As soon as I invested myself, the company was invested in me. I was given more responsibilities and challenged in ways unexpected of a seasonal job fitting boots. 

Due to the nature of seasonal work, entry level employee retention is not at the forefront of most managers minds, and employees easily get lost. This is what sets Ski Butlers aside. I felt as though my managers– at every level– were invested in my growth, not just as their employee, but for wherever I ended up next.

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I am returning in a General Manager position this year because my leadership and management skills were recognized and fostered by my past managers. I am grateful for the opportunity to pass that attitude onto my team members this year. Ski Butlers transformed my winter figuring it out” into a gateway to a career in the Outdoor Industry, a field I had never considered pursuing. Finding a seasonal position in a company that values growth, hard work, social consciousness, and spending time in the outdoors is rare, but working at Ski Butlers has provided me with just that.

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