The Importance of Giving Back to Our Communities

Ski Butlers Core Value # 7: Make a Difference in Your Community

Here at Ski Butlers community involvement is very important, in fact we require all Team Members to give back to the community least 2 hours a month. Stephany, my wife and GM of Ski Butlers Steamboat, and myself have taken this Core Value and made it a part of our lifestyle. 

We have lived in Steamboat for over four years, which really is not a lot of time in one place, but what is amazing about ski towns is that if you care and want to be a part of their growth and vitality, you will be accepted with arms wide open.

In Steamboat, Steph and I are involved with a total of six organizations outside of Ski Butlers. Why do we add this much work load on top of our own business? One word, Community. Steamboat is not just a ski town or a bike town like other mountain destinations, Steamboat truly has a sense of community and a rich heritage of generational ranchers and business owners. In fact, it is easy to be a part of this culture, you just have to care and take action. By siting on multiple non profit boards, Steph and I have been able to get to know the people within community, people trust us and our business because they see us operate helping the community.

This mentality of Community Involvement is a staple for all 10 of the Ski Butlers locations. We give back to the communities that has allowed us to have an awesome and fun business while living the mountain lifestyle. In fact, this year Ski Butlers has teamed up with Protect Our Winters to help stop climate change, we have come to understand the power of a team when trying to make a difference in our communities. Our willingness to work hard to make a difference has allowed doors to open and partnerships build to make things happen.

Ski Butlers lives our Core Values, it’s how we make all our decisions and Core Vale # 7: Make a Difference in Your Community, is allowing us to continue to deliver our legendary service. If it wasn’t for our communities, Ski Butlers wouldn’t exist.

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