Grocery Tote Bags

I am here to acknowledge that times are changing. I was pleasantly surprised recently when checking out at the local grocery store. The thing that amazed me was not the cashier attendant with great customer service, but instead the fact that almost everyone around me had recyclable tote bags for their groceries. 
At Ski Butlers, every customer receives a a complimentary grocery tote bag each time we deliver to them. We feel that by doing just this, we give back to the environment, the local community, and the recycling effort at large. In addition to providing a cool piece of Ski Butlers memorabilia for the customer, they are also ultra durable totes! I think the Ski Butlers tote bags are great for many reasons, but I’ll give you just two:
— Versatility.. They are great for camping, carrying ski gear, traveling, organizing, storage, transporting and even delivery Christmas gifts!
— Recyclable…If we all do a little, we can make a BIG difference. Tote bags are a great way to start thinking this way.
On any given day it’s seems the little things are what mean the most. Today, I thought just that about our tote bags and decided to share it with you. Hopefully you enjoyed.…

Happy Holidays!

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