How To Decide On Your Perfect Ski Package

Here at Ski Butlers, we are always striving to make sure your ski trip is as easy and convenient as possible. This starts from the moment you give us a call or head to our website to make a reservation. 

Before even starting to decide on one of our ski packages, the first thing we ask about is your ski level. Ski levels are divided up into three different categories; type 1, type 2 and type 3. Picking between these three categories will allow us to properly tune your bindings upon arrival, while also allowing us to recommend the best ski package for you, so you’ll be making the most out of your ski vacation. 

Type 1

Type 1 skiers are for those who are just learning to ski for the first time or someone who hasn’t skied in a while and wants to build that confidence up again. This mainly means that they will be sticking to green circles while out on their ski vacation. 

If you fall under this category then our First Timers Package is going to be perfect for you. We usually size these skis shorter than what the average skier would ride in order for you to feel more control under your feet and begin gaining that confidence as you ride down the slopes.

Type 2

Type 2 skiers are more of an intermediate who likes to stick between green circles and blue squares. These people are categorized as skiers who have skied for a while and are confident on their skis but aren’t exactly looking for a ski that is going to over-power them or cause them to have a bad time. 

In our Performance Package we offer two perfect intermediate skis, the Experience 76 RTL and the Experience 74. Both skis are great all-round skis for the average skier who wants to enjoy a casual day on the slopes.

Type 3

Type 3 skiers are people who can comfortably ride the entire mountain and pretty much all the terrain that it has to offer. These types of skiers are ones that have been skiing a majority of their lives and are comfortable on almost any ski. 

Our High Performance Package offers a variety of top of the line equipment for any terrain that you might be getting into. For those powder days where you’re going to want something a bit wider under your feet, our Blackops Sender’s are perfect. With a 104 mm under foot, this ski is wide enough to float above that fresh powder while still being able to crush any terrain in between. If fast, steep groomers are more of your thing then our Experience 86’s and Experience 82’s will help you perform with confidence as you crush the slopes.

If you see yourself as a type 3 skier, who is interested in the High Performance Package, then we recommend also upgrading your boots to our high performance boots as well. 

While all our packages come with a pair of our performance boots. The high performance boots are a four buckle boot that is also stiffer. This adds more preferences when it comes to how tight you want the boot while also allowing you to have more control at high speeds and more challenging terrain. 

At any time during your ski vacation you’re noticing that you’re progressing past the skis that you have rented, or just looking to try something else. Don’t worry. With our swap-out program, all it takes is giving us a call and coordinating a meet up point for us to drop off a new pair of skis or boots. Upgrading is never an issue with us and there’s no better feeling than seeing someone progress out on the mountain.

Starting to think about planning your ski vacation? Make sure you make a reservation with Ski Butlers for all of your ski and snowboard equipment. Want to see what past customers have said about us? Check out some reviews. We can’t wait to see you out on the slopes this season!

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