Incentivized on Customer Service

Every day at Ski Butlers begins with the vision. How do we today, on this shift, on these deliveries/​pick ups/​support calls deliver happiness? When we walk into a hotel, how do we deliver happiness to its staff? When we leave the shop, how can each team member continue to be an extension of our brand? These activity brings Core Value #1 into our daily shift. Legendary service becomes our culture and our brand. 

We deliver legendary service through building a customer service team. We can teach a new Team Member to set a binding, to tune a ski, and fit a boot. It is much harder to teach someone to listen to a customer or act independently. We empower our team members to make decisions for the customer and grow as a customer service representative, as a leader, and as a person. 

We only know if we are successful in delivering legendary service if the customer informs us. Every customer receives a survey at the end of his or her rental. Based on that survey, we calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS). This metric is tied to Team Member performance bonuses and the location with the highest NPS at the end of the season wins the John Rust Award, our highest internal honor. Currently, Steamboat is the reigning champ. 

To deliver legendary service requires dedication, hard work, attention to detail, and passion. Every Team Member lives these values through our vision. The only true measure of our success is the customer’s honest responses to surveys and reviews through Yelp and Trip Advisor. Service is our mission; let us know how we do. 

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