It’s National Mountain Climbing Day

It’s National Mountain Climbing Day! Here at Ski Butlers, one of the only things that keeps us sane until the beginning of winter is playing in the mountains all summer. Throughout all of our ski rental locations there are dozens of fantastic hiking trails that lead to amazing views, lakes and waterfalls that are just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are an active hiker or are just starting to get into it, there’s something out there for everyone. Here’s a few of our favorites when we go out. 

Blood Lake

Located only about 30 minutes from Park City is Blood Lake. Only accessible in the summer time due to it’s trailhead being located on the Guardsman Pass Road which is closed because of snow in the winter. This lake is one of the few natural lakes where you are able to swim in the Wasatch front. This is because most of the lakes surrounding Park City, Little, and Big Cottonwood are used for drinking water throughout the Salt Lake Valley. 

Angel’s Landing

A classic spot located in Zion National Park, this hike isn’t for the faint of heart. With the final half mile following a ridge across a saddle with bolted in chains for you to hold on to. If you’re able to get over the drops of that last stretch you’ll be rewarded with one of the greatest views of Zion National Park.

Avalanche Lake

Right in the heart of Glacier National Park, Avalanche Lake is a remotely easy hike that follows a gorgeous river up to a glacier lake surrounded by mountains. If you go at the right time of the year, you’ll see massive waterfalls of melting snow falling down from the mountains on either side of the canyon as you make your way up. Remember to bring your bear spray though. Glacier National Park is known for its massive bear population and it’s not uncommon to see a bear or two, even from the parking lot. 

Shrine Ridge Trail 

This trail is located right outside of Vail, Colorado and offers some of the best views that the area has to offer for a moderately short hike. You’ll walk through open meadows and pass two small ponds as you make your way up to the top of Shrine Mountain. If you’re in the area this summer and looking for a quick hike to do this is definitely a must.

Inspiration Point/​Cascade Canyon

The Grand Tetons are one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world and just so happen to be located right next to one of our favorite places to ski, Jackson Hole. The best part about the hike to Inspiration Point, located right next to Jenny Lake in the park. Is that you can decide how long or short you want to make it. Take the ferry across Jenny Lake for a shorter hike up next to an amazing river and some switchbacks. Or take the longer route of walking around the lake and doing the same trek. Either way, Inspiration Point has one of the best views of Jackson Hole Valley, as it faces out across Jenny Lake. 

Shirley Canyon Trail to High Point

One of the best half day hikes to be found near Squaw Valley, this hike offers waterfalls, lakes, and massive boulders as you make your way up the canyon. It’s about three miles to get to Shirley Lake then another two to get to High Point. This can be a tough trail to follow at points so a good guide is to remember to keep the river and waterfalls on your right and you’ll be up to the lake in no time. Also if you’re not looking to hike back down you can always take the gondola. 

Once you’re done with your summer vacation. Make sure to start planning your winter ski vacation with Ski Butlers. Make a reservation with us today!

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