It’s Turkey Time Again

I just ordered my free range turkey at the grocery store. For those of you south of the border who think I might be a bit early, it is actually Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend. And don’t we all have so much to be thankful for! Our family and friends, the amazing places we live, our health and of course the promise of a La Niña winter to blast us with another record snowfall.

Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler is a busy one and signals the end of many summer activities. It’s the last weekend the lifts run until the mountain opens for skiing, last weekend for the bike park, last weekend for most golf courses, last weekend of the farmers market. It begins the true shoulder season when we jump up in the mornings to look for the snow on the mountain peaks and then for the snow outside our doors. 

The shoulder season is busy for Ski Butlers as we prepare for another exciting season of delivering legendary service. From unpacking our shiny new Rossi skis, reorganizing our shops, getting our teams trained and vans tuned for the season, there’s never a dull moment. We also have the chance to work with our whole family of Ski Butlers as we come together in Park City later in October for the Operations meetings.

It’s the American Thanksgiving we really look forward to in Whistler when the mountains open and it’s time to ski once again. Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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