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Jackson Hole

Remember those pre-kids” ski trips to Jackson Hole? Tram laps followed by apres in the Mangy Moose, lining up to prove yourself down Corbets Couloir, donning your finest fleece and saddling up at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar: these are just a few reasons we all love Jackson Hole. So why would you want to take your kids? Is this big-mountain little-ski-town really family friendly? Look, we are here to tell you that your kids might fall even harder for Jackson Hole than you already have. Here are a few tips to help make that family vacation absolutely magical.


There is certainly no shortage of luxury lodging in Jackson Hole. But we recommend finding an airbnb or condo. Having a kitchen, fireplace, and a big table for family board games make for the perfect setting for family memories. Jackson Hole has a local grocery delivery service called Mountains of Groceries, that will do your shopping for you, and load your fridge and pantry. Arriving in town to find a fully stocked kitchen (and bar!) makes getting settled in and hitting the slopes extra easy.

Ski School

We know you’ve been dreaming of those tram laps at Jackson Hole, and you would certainly be remiss if you didn’t treat yourself to at least one day of adult skiing. Parents: You needn’t feel guilty. Your kiddo’s day at the Jackson Hole Kid’s Ranch might just be their favorite day of the trip. Whether your little one is ripping with the Rough Riders”, or off on the mountain with the Explorers”, they are going to have a fantastic day. Just make sure you save a little juice in your legs after lapping the tram all morning- your kiddo is going to want to show you what she learned.

Where to Ski With Kids

Your younger skiers are going to have a fantastic day exploring the Princess Woods, Wookie Wiggle, and Monkey House. These beginner runs can all be found off of the Sweetwater Gondola which is heaven for beginner and intermediate skiers. Have some intermediate skiers? Head over to the Casper and Teton lifts, explore some longer blue runs. Sure, Jackson Hole has a reputation of being a rugged mountain, but there is plenty of intermediate and beginner terrain for everybody to explore.

Apres, Family Style

Look, you’re probably not going to be dominating the shot ski at the Mangy Moose with your kids. That’s fine! We’re betting your kids will love running around with other little skiers while you and your partner sit back and relax. Want to ditch the ski boots? Check out the local’s favorite, Hole Bowl! Our favorite apres scene with the family is to head back to the condo with some takeout food, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and layout a board game for the family to play late into the night.

Winter Adventure

Now, hear us out: we know you’re going to want to ski every day in Jackson Hole. And for good reason! But you need to tag an extra afternoon or two onto your trip to see some of the other winter magic that Jackson Hole has to offer. Whether you visit Teton National Park, or snowmobile through Yellowstone National Park, your little ones will be amazed. Want to really wow the whole family? The horse drawn sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge is an absolutely unforgettable experience. If your little ones still have some wiggles to get out, night skating at the Teton Village Ice Rink is always a magical way to end the evening. 

A few tips for the kids:

Look, skiing with kids is going to work your patience muscle. Wanna know a secret? If you’re having fun, THEY usually have fun. Start early, keep it lighthearted and playful, and don’t be shy about heading inside for a cookie when a break is warranted. Instead of focusing on accomplishing technical goals”, focus on playing outside in the snow on skis for an hour or two at a time. Keeping the expectations low is KEY to making sure everybody feels good about the day. And of course: end the day on a high. After a day of high fives and cold toes, head to Spur. Order the 307 fries to split with your little skier, and a cold pint of something local for yourself. You BOTH earned it. Remember, the main goal behind skiing with kids is raising a lifelong ski buddy.

Check out our Local’s Guide for more ideas of fun in the area. We are looking forward to seeing you in Big Sky, and helping you get set up. Make your reservations here to have your gear delivered right to your door. 

Jackson Hole already checked off your list? Let Ski Butlers take care of you at one of our other locations around the world. See you on the slopes.

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