Leadership When I was in 8th Grade

From my writing for the Kingfield, Maine 8th grade Leadership Program in 1996. Way back in time. Unedited! 
A leader is someone who has always led and has never followed. A person who has the ability to work with a team and accept ideas, without throwing them away. A leader always follows through in everything he or she does and never gives up on the first try. Good leaders can go out and get the job done well and not big mouth what they did. This way they gain respect in the long run. But to be a leader in anyway, the biggest one thing
is to have confidence in yourself. Confidence can be the most powerful tool in becoming a good leader. No confidence, no success. It’s as simple as that.
When I think of leaders I think of three people; Bill Gates, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. These three guys are all very successful. They know
what their rolls are when they come to work everyday.
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are two of the greatest leaders of all time in my opinion. They have good qualities which have got them to the level where they are at. They give everyone respect in return their teammates work harder and contribute more. They know when the team is down and when to give more support. They have senses which tell them that they have to take control or try and get someone else involved in the game. It is a beautiful thing to watch these guys play. They are like generals on the court, running the show. All these things have led Larry Bird and magic Johnson into a place in history as two of the greatest leaders of all time.
Bill Gates another very successful leader has skills and qualities unlike other people. He can direct a company of over 2000 employees and he almost controls the whole computer world. He has team skills that have allowed him to become the 3rd richest man in the world and qualities that have made people respect him. Bill Gates will be remembered as a leader.
I look at myself and see a leader of self confidence and a determined fire. I see qualities that I didn’t know I had. Qualities that allow me to lead a group and get everyone involved. Qualities that enable me to get the job done without bragging. I think a lot of my leadership skills and qualities have given me respect. I feel that I am a leader in a small way but not in a big way yet. I am still learning how to communicate with other people and how to get peoples attention. I hope someday when I’m older I will have lots of control and confidence if I become a leader.
When I am older, lets say 30, I hope to keep my leadership skills that I have now and put them to use in the community. I will become a leader in my community by donating money to the schools and local parks. I will build the kids great recreational areas to play in and to stay out of trouble. Hopefully I will have a big impact on the community by providing the kids with such great faculties. If I don’t have a big impact on the community I
will try new and different things until I have helped the communit and I feel satisfied.
As I have said, leaders are people who can communicate with others and got the job done. They are the people who are the most successful in this world and who control it. If there were no leaders our world would be a mess and we couldn’t get anything done.
The End

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