Little Rippers

Well it’s about to start snowing again here in the mountains and of course we’re all very excited. But who’s truly the most excited? Who’s already running around their neighborhoods with their ski helmet and goggles on? Who’s sleeping with their skis at night and brushing their teeth with their mittens on? That would have to be the kiddos (or maybe Ski Butlers founder, Bryn Carey). They know it’s close. They can feel it in the air and can’t wait another day to strap their tiny little skis or snowboards on and shred some powder. Or ice, they really don’t care.

Skiing as a kid these days is not the same as it was when I was young. Sure I loved skiing and I looked forward to cruising down the hill every winter, but there was no jumps, rails or half pipes for me to huck myself into the air and see if I would land properly. I never had edgy wedgys to keep my skis together, cool harnesses for my parents to hold on to me with, and I surely didn’t have a helmet to protect my little kid head (thanks mom and dad!). Kids aren’t necessarily skiing or riding earlier, but they are definitely progressing more quickly and passing up their parents with ridiculous ease. 

Even the resorts are becoming more in tune with the kiddos these days. Remember the rope tow? Yeah, you won’t find those at every resort like you use to back in the day. Days of getting your shoulders ripped out of their sockets and your mittens shredded have been replaced by a gentle ride on the Magic Carpet. What an idea! Kids love it, instructors love it, and parents are stoked that they don’t have to replace their kid’s mittens twice a year. Even the resorts day cares now revolve around putting kids on skis. You can cruise around the mountain without junior nagging about being cold or going to fast. Instead, he’s with kids at his own level and has an instructor who will help him progress properly. Again, good job, resorts!

No, skiing as a kids is not what it use to be. It has evolved in way that allows kids a real chance to love the winter sports. It allows them to progress with more ease and at the same time challenges them in a way most their parents are unable to do by themselves. If you have kids and are wondering if it’s a good idea to introduce them to the sport, you should watch this video. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s pretty sweet!


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