Make a Difference in the Community: Core Value #7

It’s one of those ideas that most companies initially use to help propel their name out into their local communities and to network while starting up. The basic idea usually starts out with merely trying to get your companies name out there. And there are companies that start here and end here. But the successful ones are the ones who dabble at first in an idea of networking and I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”, but end up addicted to the chain of support and love that is created from local involvement. Like Ski Butlers has. 

It feels good to help! Here at Ski Butlers Steamboat Springs, we are wrapping up our second season and have seen a huge success in the little time that we have been here. Now that it’s almost April, we are all looking back on the past winter and it’s a great opportunity to appreciate what the community has done for us and what Ski Butlers has done for Steamboat. 

This season Ski Butlers Steamboat has been quite involved! From donating cooked turkeys to the United Way’s Community Thanksgiving to help feed hundreds of locals, to teaming up with Rex’s Holiday Wish’s program to bring in gifts for over 40 family’s in Routt County. We also helped clean up the local charity thrift store, Lift-up, and helped organize their food bank. This month we raised over $500 for cancer research at the Annual Penguin Plunge and are also helping out with the Ski 4 Yellow campaign here in Steamboat later this week. As board members of the Young Professionals Network, Ski Butlers Steamboat is in the prime position to help mold and maintain our community into something viable and worth visiting and living in. This is something we find very powerful, not just for ourselves, but more importantly, for Steamboat Springs. 

Community involvement has also proven to help bring all of our Ski Butlers employees together. A sense of camaraderie exists throughout all of our shops and there lies a shared appreciation for the communities that have supported us and guided us. We will never stop giving because there’s always more. Between building and maintaining trails and feeding mouths and keeping people warm, there will always be more. Thank you to all of our communities for all the love and support! 

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