Match Making: Pairing Rossignol Skis by Location

Much like pairing fine wine to delicious dishes, Ski Butler’s Rossignol ski offerings pair well to the iconic runs, terrain features or snow conditions at resorts across North America. The following award winning, high performance and freeride skis compliment your ski day so you can take advantage of the terroir at your favorite resort.

If you’re stoked on face shots in Telluride’s Prospect Bowl, runs off of Park City’s Jupiter Lift or other resorts that feature big mountain terrain or copious amounts of snow, than choose the Soul 7. Rossignol has taken an industry benchmark and revamped it with an entirely new construction this year, making it lighter, stronger and more versatile. You can rip down through KT-22, or hit the bumps, chutes, or powder stashes,” says Nick Castagnoli, Rossignol’s brand manager. The Soul 7 HD W for women has the same 106-mm waist and construction— the skis use a lightweight carbon alloy blend that results in a strong and versatile ride for a variety of skier types.

Looking for the ultimate corduroy ski for Deer Valley’s Stein’s Way, Beaver Creek’s World Cup Birds of Prey runs or any of your favorite groomers? The Experience 84 HD and Temptation 84 HD for women are narrow enough to rip edge-to-edge, but wide enough to handle mixed snow and terrain,” says Castagnoli. A full vertical sidewall construction is complimented by HD technology, which refers to carbon alloy matrix, or the blend of carbon and basalt that creates a feeling of silkiness on the snow. Those two materials amplify the powerful and precise performance of the ski while also keeping it accessible to a wide range of abilities.

Need a one-ski quiver nimble enough for Steamboat’s famous tree skiing runs, stable enough for the constant pitch of Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain, yet wide enough to handle cut up snow in Vail’s China Bowl or other mountains with varied terrain combinations? Look to the Experience 88. It’s the great cross-over ski for all terrain,” says Castagnoli. The top-selling 88 gives you plenty of float and platform underfoot to rip through bumps, trees, mixed snow.” Versatility comes from the blend of rocker and Rossignol’s extended sidecut design. When the ski is tipped on edge, it engages and the full-length sidecut engagement makes it a powerful ski to carve on. Air Tip technology and carbon alloy matrix lightens the ski and aids in quick turn initiation.

If you have your sites set on the iconic tram at Jackson Hole, Squaw’s KT-22 (aka the Mothership”), or a cat ride and hike up Aspen’s Highland Bowl or any resort with vast acreage and big mountain terrain, then choose the Sky 7. The Sky 7 and Sky 7 HD W have a freeride feel and are wide enough to get you around in deeper snow in the back, while also easy to cruise around on the front side,” says Castagnoli. At 98-mm underfoot, the Sky 7 is the bridge between an all-mountain ski and a pure freeride ski (like the wider Soul 7). Both share the same construction, including a wood core and the tip stabilizing Air Tip 2.0 technology, but the narrower waist width makes the Sky 7 more versatile for all-mountain conditions.

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