Must Haves for April Skiing

Besides powder days, Spring skiing is arguably one of the best times of the entire season. The sun’s out, the snow’s soft, and beer just tastes better when you’re sitting out on a porch on the hill at the end of the day. It’s overall just a great time to be out on the slopes but what always seems to give people some trouble is what exactly to bring to the mountain on these hot days. 

So many of us are used to the layering and bundling up that comes with the weather of December, January, and February but once March and April come around those same preparations are way too much and can leave you sweaty, sun burnt and uncomfortable. Not to worry though, if you’ve had trouble with preparing for a Spring day in the past, here’s your chance to figure out exactly what to pack for the hill and how to dress properly. 


Sunscreen is an absolute must for April skiing. Not only will the sun be blasting down on you all day but the snow actually helps reflect the sun off the ground causing you to get from below as well as up high. Remember to get right under your eyes as well if you’re wearing sunglasses, they don’t have as much protection against the sun as goggles usually do causing your eyes to get burnt unless properly prepared. 


Having the right layers for the right conditions is crucial in the Spring. Going with the t‑shirt and shorts is always a fun idea in theory, but those can get wet fast and that’s never a good time. Having a thin water-resistant top layer, like a rain jacket, followed by a t‑shirt and long sleeve shirt gives you options throughout the day. Maybe start off fully bundled up and as the day goes on you can slowly delayer underneath while keeping that water-resistant shell on. Spring skiing is also about having goofy outfits as well, so don’t take this too seriously. If you want to wear some jeans and a cut off t‑shirt, go for it, the goofier the better. 


It gets sweaty out there in Spring conditions. You may not be used to sweating throughout the regular season but this is going to be happening a lot out there on the slopes late season. Staying hydrated is the best way to keep your body going on the slopes getting as many slush laps in as you can. Of course, a few beers could also do the trick. Either way staying hydrated is key to having a good time no matter what time of the season it may be.


No Spring day is complete without some good old fashion grilling in the parking lot. Whether it be before or after hitting the slopes, having a good grill sesh in the parking lot with some buddies is the perfect way to start or end your day on the slopes. Parking lots are as much a part of the culture as skiing is and having the perfect food could be a turning point on whether or not you’re going to get a few more laps in. 

No matter where you’re thinking of skiing this Spring make sure you hit up Ski Butlers for all your ski rental needs. Want to hear more about what people are saying about us? Check out some reviews. We can’t wait to see you on the slopes!

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