My First Pair of Skis

In 1985 I was given a pair of Techno Pro Husky skis for my Birthday, and a pair of Caber ski boots. After one season the tips delaminated and I lost my two big toe nails. I was hooked!

Then in 1989 I earned enough money from hand collating catalogs in a printing shop to upgrade my whole ski package. I bought myself a pair of Blizzard Thermo SL and a pair of Heierling Grand Prix ski boots. It was the 80’s so everything had fluorescent highlights. I was able to complete my look with some Descente Rad Pants and a Obermeyer jacket. I remember being so stoked for sking, at the first sign of winter I would pull my Ski boots out and put them on while I did my home work.

Fast forward a few decades and I still have that same stokewhen I pull my ski gear out for the first time of the season.

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