Navigating Park City

Park City, Utah is an amazing place. From the beautiful, adventure-filled summers, to the world class skiing in the winter, there is no place I would rather be living. One of my favorite parts about the offseason here is how small the town feels. Even during the busy summer, there is noticeably less traffic driving around then when the snow starts falling. As Thanksgiving comes and goes, the energy in town, and our three Park City shops, really begins to amplify. With this uptick comes increased traffic. I imagine this is the same for most ski towns, but with only one road in, one road out, and two world-class ski resorts in Deer Valley and Park City, it can feel a bit congested at times.

There are plenty of ways to get to town- none of them any better than the others. You can take a bus, taxi, or shuttle from the airport, you can rent a car for you and your friends/​family, or maybe you are driving in from another town or state. Whatever your mode and reason for transportation, I always have one recommendation. After you get to your accommodations, use as much public transit as possible. The free bus system is amazing, and Uber/​Lyft have a huge presence here- there really is no need to drive unless you are heading to another resort.

Another huge plus about traveling to Park City is its proximity to other world-class ski resorts. Find yourself here, and you have 10 different resorts to choose from, all within about an hours drive. The most common thing we see here in town are guests who want to ski both Park City and Deer Valley, and who can blame them? Deer Valley is constantly ranked in the top‑3 ski resorts in the country, and Park City is the largest resort in the U.S. While physically the resorts share a boundary, they can take between 15 – 30 minutes to drive to, or between, during the winter.

When renting skis, many visitors to Park City will arrive without them reserved. This usually isn’t a huge problem, unless a specific ski is desired, or if it’s a holiday weekend. They head to the resort or ski shop their first night in town, or maybe even the first morning they want to ski. I could go on-and-on about how Ski Butlers is the most efficient and pleasant rental experience in the industry. We deliver to any accommodations and do the fitting while our customers sip a glass of wine, cup of coffee, or maybe a mimosa- no judgement here. Our pricing is often cheaper than the shops at the resort too. The real reason I love the Ski Butlers service so much is the value it brings to those adventurous skiers looking to explore more than one mountain.

When renting ski or snowboard equipment, there is always the possibility of a fit not being perfect. Even if the boot feels right at time of delivery, after a few hours on the hill things can change. The boot expands, feet get tired, or maybe the renter just wants to try a different ski. Let’s say they rented from the base area at Park City, but decided to ski Deer Valley the next day. Halfway through the day- skills are improving, and a jump to a more High Performance package is desired. Does the family leave Deer Valley, drive back to Park City to switch? Or just suck it up and ski in the undesired ski? They opt to hop in the car- Park City is only a few miles away. Traffic rears its ugly head and the short trip to exchange skis just stole two hours out of a ski day. 

Ski Butlers gives you more time on snow than any other rental company. We will come to you within 30 – 45 minutes for any equipment issues or exchanges, allowing you to spend more time enjoying vacation with your family or friends. Even if you are an hour away, we will come to you- it may take a little longer than 45 minutes, but we will be there. Our mission is to make vacations convenient, and we do that through delivering legendary service from start to finish.

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