New Season, New Gear Options

It’s that time of year, time to start ogling over new gear and freshening up your ski wardrobe. It’s time to throw out the pants that have been hanging on by a thread and duct tape. Trust me; duct tape doesn’t buy the mountain cred it once did in the 90s. Outerwear has come a long ways in the past decade in regards to water-proofing, moisture wicking, durability and style. What good is your new pow ski if you’re stuck in the lodge trying to warm up and dry out?

If you’re ready to buy, checkout back​coun​try​.com for great deals from industry leaders like Smith and Patagonia. They’re constantly running promotions and there are always great deals to be had. With the ease of ordering online from your couch, this is a great way to gear up for an El Niño year.

Not ready to buy or don’t want to haul an extra bag across the country? No worries, we’ve got you covered! This year we’re partnering with getout​fit​ted​.com. They are a Denver based company that is changing the way ski clothing is rented. Just like Ski Butlers, place and order before you leave for your trip and fresh gear shows up to your vacation home. When your trip is over just put it back in the box and drop it off at the front desk to get shipped back. No lines and you won’t have to worry what the gear might look like, you can choose from a variety of color and brands like Patagonia online.

Leave the duct tape and extra bags at home. Book ahead so as soon as your plane lands and you pull into town you can right to doing what you came to do, enjoy all the goodness the mountains have to offer, not go searching for a shop and stand in line.

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