New Tram Cabin Damaged at Snowbird

Sad news for folks who were looking forward to riding up one of Snowbird’s new trams this summer, and we do mean just one of them. It’s been reported that on Saturday one of Snowbird’s brand new trams was damaged during installation due to an equipment malfunction. 

No one was injured during the accident, but the damages to the tram have made it unusable. Snowbird is now working with Doppelmayr, the tram manufacturer, to figure out what went wrong and how long it will take to get a replacement.

We are working with the manufacturer Doppelmayr who was installing the new cabins to understand what happened and figure out how we are going to be operational this summer and also have two new cabins in time for next winters operations,” says Snowbird President and GM, Dave Fields.

Snowbird is hoping that they will have at least the undamaged tram up and running in the next few weeks as it is a main attraction for the resort’s summer activities. The tram will have floor to ceiling windows in the main cabin and second viewing point on top of the tram. Making it the first of its kind in the United States.

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