Ski Utah’s ONE Wasatch

Drawing of the ONE Wasatch Concept

Whether you gaze upon the alpine splendor from the valley floor or find yourself bushwhacking through the dense scrub oak, the Wasatch Mountains have something for everyone. Home to world class ski resorts, endless rock climbing, and enough single track to make your head spin, they are truly are a multi-use mountain playground. We all go into the mountains for different reasons and walk away with a variety of experiences but the accessibility is what opens these options up for everyone in our communities.

The Wasatch Mountains stretch about 160 miles from the Idaho border to central Utah and offer a variety of landscapes creating a very diverse range. Nestled in the center of the Wasatch, just east of Salt Lake City, the Cottonwood Canyons and the Park City ridge line converge in a very unique and compact geography. As the crow flies, there are seven ski resorts within just a few miles or less of each other. Some already share ski area boundaries where others are only separated by a single ridge.

Many a chairlift conversations have romanticized the idea of a simple rope drop or short chair ride to traverse the ridge and explore that next aspen glade or steep couloir. ONE Wasatch explores that idea and examines the how’s, what’s, and whys of connecting these resorts to create the largest resort in North America. It is certainly an interesting idea that sparks a lot of emotions and conversations.

The Vision
Create the most efficient and enjoyable interconnected mountain resort ski experience in North America, recognizing watershed protection and backcountry ski terrain preservation as key elements.

The Concept
Connect all 7 ski resorts in the Wastach Mountains so visitors could spend more time on snow and less time driving between ski resorts. The resort connections could happen by a drop of the rope line between Deer Valley/​Park City, Snowboard/​Alta, and Brighton/​Solitude, and chair lifts to connect Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, Big Cottonwood to Park City and Park City to Deer Valley.

Who is Behind this Idea?
Ski Utah is organizing this movement and has support from all 7 ski areas, their owners and GMs. In addition, many local governments, visitors and locals are in support of the One Wasatch. 

The result? 18,000 skiable acres, 7 connected ski resorts, and only 1 ski pass. 

To learn more visit Ski Utah’s One Wasatch website by clicking here.

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