Our Brand Refresh

Today, we are proud to announce our refreshed brand with the same legendary service you have come to know and expect from Ski Butlers. At Ski Butlers, customer service comes first and foremost. Our why, mission and values help guide this belief every single season. Ski Butlers’ customers return to us once the snow falls not only because they feel an emotional connection to our brand, but because they want to experience the most convenient part of their ski vacation. 

As with anything, times change, and brands need to change as well. We spent countless hours listening to customer feedback and have refined both our website and brand over the past two years. 

Our refreshed brand represents what you value at Ski Butlers; a safe, easy, and convenient ski rental. An experience that makes you say WOW, an experience that is fun, an experience of joy, all so you can spend more time enjoying the mountain. 


Ski Butlers began as BC’s Door to Door” back in the winter of 2004 in our hometown of Park City, Utah. Founder and CEO, Bryn Carey, knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and run his own business. With a passion for ski racing, and a failed attempt at becoming a paving sealant extraordinaire, Bryn decided to try delivering ski rentals to visiting skiers and snowboarders. Lucky for all of us, Bryn was discussing his business plan with a friend one evening, when that friend suggested a better name for the company. Why don’t you name it Ski Butlers’ ” she said. With that, Ski Butlers was born as the brand our customers know today.

With a lot of hard work, and a little luck, Bryn found himself as the CEO of one of the fastest growing ski rental companies in the industry. With each subsequent year, Ski Butlers grew in popularity, expansion continued and before we knew it, Ski Butlers was serving 50 resorts and tens of thousands of customers per season. With fast growth, comes more customers, more partners, more team members and expectations rose for our brand as a whole.


After rigorous debate, we felt that our old logo of the infamous Running Man” no longer accurately represented our brand and our culture. 

This is both a sad and exciting day,” said Bryn Carey, Founder, and CEO. Since creating the Running Man in 2005, with help from a cartoonist in LA, this logo has represented so much about Ski Butlers and over the years has become very recognizable to anyone who skis. With feedback from those we trust most, we realized it was time to refresh the brand, to keep up with the times, and to represent our service more accurately. The process of refreshing the brand took us back to our roots and what defines Ski Butlers and forced us to look towards the next 16 seasons. We are excited to share our refreshed brand with you.”


Our new logo is simple, strong, iconic and reflects the joy that our customers experience. As for the colors, we may have sported red vests and cowboy hats as BC’s Door to Door back in the early days, but our customers have come to know our green as synonymous with Ski Butlers. We may have darkened it up a bit, but we have kept the green as our primary color, and have even added a light green pantone on a fresh, dark blue background as our secondary colors. Not unlike green, blue is clean, classic, simple, strong, and iconic. Just like our refreshed brand. 

The butler bowtie from the original logo became an even more prominent part of this new logo, and if you look closely, you can see that the hat brim is a ski. 

Whether you have skied with us from day one back in 2004 or tried us for the first time this past season, we are forever grateful to our customers, partners, and team members who helped us along the way.

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