Our Culture is Our Brand

Ski Butlers Core Value # 2: Our Culture is Our Brand

Ski Butlers, a seasonal lifestyle, and the mountains tend to attract a certain demographic. After filtering through the riff raff, we find ourselves with a group of quality individuals sharing similar passions. Simply put, we love the mountain life and wish to share it with others. Such a basic thing to have in common can produce profound results. Instant friendships and a fun dynamic workplace are born.

Almost the entire first day of training we talk about the Why” of Ski Butlers. We are a customer service company who just so happens to deliver ski rentals. The successes of a day include things like putting ski boots on a 4 year old for his first day ever and knowing that he will likely be hooked for life. Driving to a hotel as the sun rises over the fresh 18” sparkling on the peaks of the Wasatch with a pair of freshly tuned powder skis for that expert skier is what gets us up in the morning. A slight grin, small nod, and a simple thank you can pierce into your soul. It feels like we are all in on a little secret that few know about.

During your experience with Ski Butlers we strive to make you feel like part of our family. Need a recommendation for where to eat? Enjoy art galleries, museums, or spas? No clue what to do on your rest days? Wonder where that secret powder stash is? We got you covered. We will let you in on the local scoop. On second thought, you may have to work to get that powder stash out of us. Our equipment and service are quality but what truly sets us apart is the compassion uniquely displayed in each and every Ski Butler on our team. 

On your next delivery you may be so lucky to share the contagious laughter of Chris. Perhaps, you will hear a captivating story of Kailyn’s white water rafting or sky diving adventures. If you happen to stop into the Park City shop you can challenge any of our self-proclaimed table tennis professionals to a quick match. We know the carefree energy of the mountain lifestyle and are eager to share it with all of you. Give us a call for ski rentals, local info, or just to chat. See you on the mountain!!

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