Our New Tuning Robot

Ski Butlers’ tagline has always been delivering service.” We value this so much that we work it into every aspect of our business, making sure that everything we do is focused on our customers’ experience. What is one of the best ways to improve our service? To make sure that our Rossignol fleet stays in perfect shape through our ski and snowboard tuning. With that in mind, we have set ourselves apart in the ski rental delivery industry by not only hiring full-time tuners for our shops, but investing in a state-of-the-art Montana Crystal Rock tuning robot. You heard that right…robot!

Image Credit: Montana International


This new Crystal Rock robot is only the second of its kind in all of the Western United States. Montana says it best, The Crystal Rock can be used for both skis and snowboards. The new GRIPtech system for the side edge provides a leap in quality in ski and snowboard service: creating a precise, sharp, and durable race-quality edge. Together with radial tuning, it delivers an edge with unique properties.” With this new robot in place, we will be able to churn out an unprecedented number of freshly tuned skis and boards. What does a Ski Butlers full tune entail? Full tunes include all base repairs, the sidewalls are planed and polished, edges are beveled and stone finished, and they get a special wax treatment. That process used to be very time consuming on our tuners, but now we will have the most high-end, and fastest tuning process in the rental industry. Looking to see the Crystal Rock in action? Check out the carwash-like system your rentals will be running through by watching this video.


With a fresh fleet of Rossignol skis comes a big responsibility: maintanence! The truth is, skis can last a very long time. In order to make our customers feel like they are the first ones to rent a particular ski, each and every time, we have added more full-time tuners to each of our busiest locations in addition to the purchase of our new Crystal Rock robot. Our tuners’ sole responsibility is to ensure our equipment is in the best condition possible and that every ski that lands in a customers hands is worthy of a five-star review. The combination of our professional tuners’ expertise and the capabilities of our new robot will not only allow us to stone grind our skis to brand-new, perfect condition, but will also let us change the dynamics of the ski to fit a variety of different parameters. Never before have we been able to adjust the edge bevel angle, base edge angles, or base structures. The new level of adjustability means that all of our ski pacakges can be tuned specifically for each level of skier to ensure each renter has equipment that is properly suited for them” says Ski Butlers Park City tuner Andrew Harris. The end result is an equipment package that performs for every skier, every condition, every time. We are so proud to be able to offer these specifically tuned skis as part of our rental delivery packages. Just one more way we at Ski Butlers are delivering service while making ski vacations convenient. 

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