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Did you hear? On June 17th, we revealed a new website that was two years in the making. You may be wondering how the new site will serve customers better, so we’ll break it down. 


Every year our leadership team reflects and looks inward to see what investments need to take place in order to continue to offer our customers with the best experience in the ski rental industry. Deciding to focus our resources on a streamlined website, that reflects what our customers care about was an easy decision and one we were excited to begin working on.

Three years ago we began the vetting process, to find a partner that would help us produce the best website possible and chose iMarc out of Boston, Massachusetts to help make this a reality.


Building a new website is like building a house. You are given a projected date for completion and that date more often than not goes right out the window once the team starts building. iMarc took the time to learn our brand, interviewed all levels of the organization and select customers before they started building the site. Unfortunately, a few issues popped up along the way and our original launch date of September 2019 was moved to June 2020. Would we have loved to have this site up and running last season? Of course! However, we believe the wait was well worth it. We hope you feel the same. 


Well, pretty much everything. Not only does the new website offer a more seamless booking experience for our customers, but it has a much improved user interface. Long gone are the infinite scrolls of green backgrounds, and here are the days of beautiful skiing images that will inspire our customers to pursue their passions in the mountains. Equipment selections are well explained through new imagery and guides based on ability and terrain preferences, so you will have less questions leading up to your rental delivery date. We also improved our blog, press-room, about and careers pages, making it easier to feel an emotional connection with the experience you will have when working with Ski Butlers.

What’s more? Our backend system is all new as well, so our team members will be able to expedite deliveries, giving our customers more time on snow and more time with their friends and family. In addition, the new site is synced with our tablet system which will allow our deliveries to go paperless, also speeding up the process for you. 

We hope you have enjoyed seeing Ski Butlers evolve over the years. Please enjoy using our new website and look forward to improved service during the 2020/2021 ski season.

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