Palymra Peak: Is This Really Inbounds??

The Telluride Ski Resort is home to one of the most dramatic and beautiful on-mountain peaks in the country: Palmyra Peak. 

© Colorado Ski Authority

Most would agree that there aren’t many places where you can hike to a 13,320ft peak with over 200 acres of skiable terrain and nearly 2,000ft of vertical below — all in bounds. You’ll want to get up to the hiking area by noon-ish if you’re going to take it on…and you’ll want a stiff constitution as you clamber around a few tight, rocky areas. The reward is the entire Prospect Creek Basin and some of the finest runs in the West. 

The best way to experience Palmyra Peak is on, or just following, a decent powder” day. It is in these conditions that the aforementioned runs come into their own and really put on a show. When it comes to gear, you’ll want a sturdy pair of award-winning Rossignol Super 7s or Soul 7s. These wide, maneuverable skis will give you all the speed, stability and agility you need to float down some of the gnarliest in-bounds terrain there is! Fortunately, Ski Butlers is only a call away — let us know you’re going for Palmyra and we’ll make sure you’ve got all the right gear!

© Telluride Ski Resort

If you’re lucky, one of our intrepid Ski Techs will be looking to conquer Palmyra themselves and will take you along for the ride. Telluride locals, and especially our wonderful people at Ski Butlers, are always happy to take a visitor for a tour around the mountain. Let us know and we’ll do our best.

Once you’ve conquered the peak, be sure to stop in at the New Sheridan Chophouse for a well-deserved feast at one of Telluride’s premier dining establishments. (Then you can pop over to their historic bar for a whiskey and a real wild-west atmosphere!)

© New Sheridan Chop House

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