Park City Annouces Paid Parking for the 2022 – 23 Season

Park City/Canyons

Park City Mountain Resort announced last week that they will be introducing new paid parking to several of their parking lots near the resort. This new paid parking system will be implemented everyday of the week with these areas being Silver King, Main and First Time lots. 

Pricing for the new paid parking spots is still to be determined, but if it’s anything like Solitude or Alta’s paid parking prices, it’s assumed that it will likely be around $25 a day. With parking for vehicles with 4 or more people being free and parking at Canyons Village continuing to be free.

Along with paid parking, Park City is also requiring reservations for these paid parking spots. Plans for this reservation system are also yet to be announced but we can assume that it will be similar to the reservation system that they put into place during the height of COVID. This means you’ll probably be able to start making reservations for these spots weeks or months in advance. 

The idea behind this new system is to have skiers and riders incentivize carpooling to help mitigate the traffic that became far too familiar over the course of the 21 – 22 season. Although these changes may be a bit hard to get used to at the beginning of next season, in the long run these may be some of the best choices for a mountain that has notoriously become more and more difficult to park at with lots filling up incredibly early on the weekends.

Park City Mountain Resort has said that they will release more details about the paid parking as we get closer to next season. 

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