Relief Help for Those Impacted by the Caldor Fire

This summer has been one of the hottest and driest summers in recent history, and ski towns across the West have definitely felt it. No place has felt the impacts of this summer more than Lake Tahoe and its surrounding communities.

The Caldor Fire, that firefighters have been fighting for the past two weeks, has been spreading across California and has crept it’s way into the neighboring towns of South Lake Tahoe. Not only has this fire devastatingly impacted our friends, partners, and communities within this area and California as a whole, but it has also impacted the surrounding ski resorts as well. 

As evacuations take place within these areas, the people of Lake Tahoe need help. Below are a list of resources that you can donate to in order to give support to these communities in this time of need. 

American Red Cross

Your donation can help the Red Cross respond and help people recover from the impacts that the Caldor Fire has had by supplying them with relief supplies along with food, shelter, recovery support and other resources. 

California Fire Foundation

Their program Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergencies (SAVE) brings quick relief to victims of fires and other natural disasters across California.

Salvation Army Wildlife Relief

The Salvation Army has been providing food and other resources to those who have been impacted by this fire. 

El Dorado Community Foundation

Directly supporting the victims of the Caldor Fire. Your entire donation will go straight to those families directly impacted.

You can donate here.

Or if you are a victim you can find out how to apply here.

Tahoe Coalition of the Homeless

This non-profit has teamed up with the local Tahoe police department to evacuate and support the local homeless community throughout Lake Tahoe.

Amador Community Foundation

They are supplying resources and direct support to the communities as well as helping those local families who need aid for animal care.

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