Rossignol Equipment Upgrades for 2017 Season

When talking about skis, most fall into two categories, friendly and charger. Charger skis are stiff, powerful, and love speed. Friendly skis are forgiving, approachable, and responsive. A charger ski wants to go straight and fast. Friendly skis follow what you want to do. Rossignol’s flagship skis are known to be friendly. New this season, Rossignol incorporated an additional layer of carbon fiber into their equipment to allow for more progressive flex and damper ski. In non ski bable, that means Rossi is bridging the gap between a Friendly and Charger ski. 

Rossi has returned the Soul 7 for the 2017 season, with the addition of the an HD designation. HD represents the additional carbon fiber in this year’s ski. The 2017 Soul 7 HD features the same camber under foot, with tip and tail rocker, Air Tip technology (the fancy honeycomb structure at the tip and tail of the ski), and medium length side cut. This ski will be approachable and forgiving, but adda another level of stiffness when pushed to its limits. This ski offers performance for everyone.

The Savory 7 has been replaced for this season with the Soul 7 HD W. This ski features all the same technology as the men’s version of the Soul 7, with a slightly less aggressive profile. 

The Sin 7 has been replaced this season with the Sky 7 HD and the Saffron 7 with the Sky 7 HD W. Both skis feature all the technology in the Soul 7 HD and the Soul 7 HD W, just with a narrow width. This ski is the perfect do it all rental ski for those who like to ski every trail on the hill. 

Both the E88 and E 84 receive the HD treatment for the 2017 season as well. You will again have the same easy going caver at low speeds, but an aggressive all mountain charger at high speeds. 

We look forward to seeing you on some great equipment this winter season. 

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