Rossignol, Ski Butlers Go-to Gear, Maintains a Century’s Worth of Innovation

Anytime you rent equipment through the unique personal service that Ski Butlers provides, you’re getting time-tested gear, delivered right to you. Thanks to an exclusive relationship, Ski Butlers provides Rossignol skis, snowboards and boots. Not only is the iconic French company one of the top-selling brands in both Europe and North America, the brand consistently receives high rankings in national gear reviews. Rossignol offers something for every skier and rider — from beginner to expert — and every snow condition.

New for 2017 – 18, Rossignol has redesigned the 7 Series (Super 7, Soul 7 and Sky 7), with new technology called Air Tip 2.0, a 3D fully integrated tip construction built for swing weight reduction and better flotation in soft snow. The 7 Series, Experience and Temptation lines also benefit from the addition of carbon alloy matrix, which absorbs shock and adds stability. The award-winning Rossignol snowboards are designed for versatility in a variety of terrain and snow conditions. 

Rossignol’s company history can be traced back 110 years to an innovative man from a mountain town in the French Alps. By all accounts, Abel Rossignol was an inventor with a passion for woodworking and skiing. He lived in the mountainous area of France called Voirons (close to the international headquarters today). In 1907, he was inspired by early ski competitions. At that time, ski craftsman handpicked each piece of wood, often chosen from certain regions to have a desired effect on ski performance. His first model was 170 cm long and 65 mm underfoot. 

Less than 30 years after his first design, Rossignol created a race ski for an Olympian, Emile Allais. Allais contributed to the race ski design, which helped him win the World Championships in 1937. Athlete feedback and the use of furniture-making techniques helped Rossignol produce skis that maintained their shape and stability, and in 1939, Rossignol filed for a patent for the first laminated ski (known as the Olympic or Allias 41). As a company, Rossignol has continued to use athlete feedback to this day. Also, the company continues to put a premium on creativity, with at least 10 percent of the staff focused completely on innovation. 

Rossignol enjoyed robust sales in Europe dating back to Abel’s first decades of ski manufacturing. In North America, Rossignol ski sales surged in the early 70’s and today its one of the top-selling brands in the U.S. in terms of units sold. Rossignol equipment now includes alpine, Nordic and snowboarding. Depending on the product, the majority of skis are produced in Sallanches, France, or Artes, Spain. The global headquarters is located in the French Alps, near Grenoble in Saint-Jean de Moirans, and contains the research and development department, marketing, global sales and the race room — where World Cup races skis are still built by hand. 

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