Save Money with Summer Ski Discounts

Clocks ticking down on those summer discounts!

Now that we have entered July and ski season is only a few short months away it’s time to start thinking about it! Even though the 2019 – 2020 season was cut short, it was still leading up to be a great snow year which is bringing high hopes for the 2020 – 2021 season. Now that we are in the middle of summer it’s that time of year again when ski resorts and companies begin discounting their new passes, or old gear and with the right research you can save big. 

Discounted Season Passes 

The early bird truly gets the worm with early season pass deals and payment plans. Lots of resorts decide to do early season discounts and payment plans. These payment plans and down payments can help lock you into a great deal without emptying your bank account just yet. Right now Epic Pass is offering a $49 downpayment to look you into their lowest price for a Epic Pass you can get, with the remaining amount being charged on September 15. The Ikon Pass is following a similar strategy with a $199 down payment with 0% interest. 

Also, if you had an Epic or Ikon pass last season, because of COVID-19, they have been giving credit to customers who weren’t able to take full advantage or their 2019 – 2020 pass. Remember to log into your Epic or Ikon account and check to see how much credit you can put into a new season pass!

Ski Swaps or Exchanges 

Ski swaps are a great way to get rid of old gear that is still in decent condition while also finding new gear that can sometimes be a third of the price compared to if you bought it in a shop. If you’re having trouble finding a ski swap near you, ask around your local ski shop! Lots of ski shops have a local ski swap day and these can be some of the best opportunities to find the right gear you need for the right price. 

Online Sales

Lots of online outdoor retailers and companies have huge sales in the summer in order to get rid of old inventory to make room for all the new. This is another great way to pick up the gear you need before a big ski trip if you don’t have the accessibility of a ski shop nearby. Places like Back​coun​try​.com and Evo​.com are great places to start. 

Start planning that ski trip!

Starting to get a jump on that winter ski trip can be stressful at the moment with all the unclarity in the world but no need to worry! Ski Butlers has one of the best cancellation policies within the ski industry. If you plan a trip and cancel within 24 hours before your trip you won’t be charged at all! No need to worry about potentially losing money when Ski Butler’s takes all that stress away!

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