Save Time & Money On Your Next Ski Trip

With everything from ski equipment to lift tickets, lodging, and meals, ski trips can really become a hassle if you aren’t well prepared. Check out these tips from our team on how to save time and get the best value on your next ski getaway.

Renting versus buying ski equipment

Flying with your skis (or snowboard) and boots adds airport hassle, luggage fees, and worst of all risks your equipment being damaged in handling. Why risk thousands of dollars of all the equipment needed for a day on the slopes when you could rent high-end gear for a fraction of the cost?

If it’s your first time skiing, this goes double. Renting gear allows you to test out what you like before making a long-term commitment.

Chances are, the resort or mountain you’re going to will have rentals available, but often the gear is pretty beat up. Ski Butlers rentals provide premium gear, at prices often better than the resort shops. If you don’t need the helmet or goggles, or if you bring your own boots, that price goes down. Since we use a demand-pricing model, you can use our price calculator to get an estimate of how much it will cost for you and your group.

To rent ski clothes for your trip, check out KitLender. They deliver high-end ski clothing to you directly, and you simply mail it back in their prepaid box when you’re done.

Traveling to and from the slopes

Get the best bang for your travel buck. One of the best ways to save money traveling is to fly on off-days like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. For a family of four, this can make a difference of $800 or more round-trip. That’s a lot of skiing and lodging you could be buying instead!

You’ll likely find cheaper flights in January for most ski destinations too, because fewer people are going on vacation right after the holidays. It might also be worth looking into earning miles with an airline credit card – the bonus miles can help get you on your way.

When packing, check your airline’s policy on heavy equipment and baggage fees. If possible, stuff your ski gear bag with other clothes and jackets so you don’t have to check another bag – just don’t go over the weight or measurement limit.

Once you’re there, most ski towns have free bus shuttles, so car rentals are strictly optional. Since Ski Butlers brings all your gear right to your door and picks it up for you, you won’t need a rental car for equipment either!

Buy lift tickets in advance

The most expensive lift tickets are ones that you buy at the mountain on the day you want to ski. Buying in advance from the resort or sites like Liftopia can save you an average of 30%. If you plan on skiing more than 3 or 4 days, you’re likely better off getting a season pass. It’s worth considering an Ikon or Epic pass which gives you unlimited access to the best mountains across the country.

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