Saving Our Snow, One Ski Delivery at a Time

Bryn Carey, CEO and founder of Ski Butlers, has a passion that rivals his love of skiing and has become the bedrock of the business he started 14 years ago out of his home in Park City, Utah. Protecting the mountains and mountain environments stem from the 10 core values that Carey and his employees uphold. Deliver Legendary Service, Honesty and Integrity, Team Spirit and Hard work are certainly important values, but the business depends on great ski areas and Ski Butlers steadfastly commits to making a difference in each community.

Our main passion company wide is trying to be a part of the climate change solution,” says Carey. We committed to going to 100 percent renewable energy by 2020.” In fact, Ski Butlers was instrumental in getting the town of Park City municipal to pledge to go renewable by 2022, followed by the entire town in 2032. Thanks to what Bryn and his coworkers spearheaded, Park City just ordered an electric bus and launched an e‑bike program. The government has a responsibility to help speed up the process to go to clean energy and clean up the environment,” says Carey. The outdoor industry brings in big bucks to Utah so there’s an obligation to push that.”

Four Ski Butlers managers and owners, including Carey and his wife, attended Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training, and in fact, Carey was invited to speak on a panel about their grass roots movement to get Park City to move toward renewable energy and how small businesses can actually create change on a local level. Ski Butlers has also partnered with I am Pro Snow and Protect our Winters, where they donated $5,000 from matching fundraising efforts. Ski Butlers continues to work toward their renewal energy platform and just ordered an electric van from Europe, with plans to use all electric vans by 2025.

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