Savvy Travelers: Millennials Seek Convenience and Personalization

Surveys show that Millennials travel more than any demographic in the U.S. This group — defined as those born between 1980 and 2000 — is becoming a very influential buying group for the travel industry. According to Huff​in​g​ton​post​.com, Millennials are estimated to spend 1.4 trillion on travel each year, by the year 2020. They work hard and love to travel, citing a huge importance on balancing life and work. Ski Butlers serves these trends that Millennials value by delivering and picking up gear, hassle-free, so skiers and riders can focus on their vacation without loosing time in rental lines.

Unlike the generation before, Millennials came of age during the computer era. Therefore Millennials often book most, if not all, of their trip online — including transportation, lodging and activities. Not only do they research and book their vacations online, they typically review their trip online or post details about their vacation to social media. Ski Butlers’ on-line process simplifies gear choices, thanks to their fleet of award-winning Rossignol skis, boots and snowboards. 

Millennials make up a quarter of the American population and workforce — and therefore a big part of the travel industry. As a group, they value experiences, often seeking the road less traveled,” where they can engage in cultural immersion and find undiscovered locations — all while exercising and staying fit. Ski Butlers’ technicians deliver equipment right to their customer’s door — including condos, chalets, hotels or rental homes. Techs are often a traveler’s first point of contact and can provide local knowledge and valuable information about the resort and surrounding area.

According to Vir​tu​oso​.com, a luxury travel network, Millennials want convenience and personalization”. They are more likely than other demographic to use a travel advisor. Advisors have knowledge, make travel hassle-free, and help if something goes wrong, which allows travelers to get the most out of their time and money. These requirements are the core values for Ski Butlers, the award-winning ski and snowboard delivery service. You don’t have to be a Millennial to travel like one: Ski Butlers make everyone’s mountain vacation more convenient and personalized,” so you can ski or ride the run less traveled” with hassle-free gear delivery.

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