Shaping up for the Ski Season

Fall has arrived and there’s still plenty of time left for bike riding, climbing and trail running. But before you know it, there will be snow on the ground. We all understand, as mountain dwellers, that once the rain starts falling and temps start dropping, preparing us for the winter ahead, we have to change our activities. Our mountain bikes get set aside as we jump on our good, dependable friend, the stationary bike. Our muddy trail running sneakers get stored and replaced by pretty, neon-colored gym shoes, as we jump on the dreaded treadmill. And then, most of us, no matter what it is we do during the summer, start the exciting prep for ski season.

How does one start to prepare for ski season? Well first off, we drag our ski bag out of storage and start airing out all our equipment. This also entails you actually putting on your ski boots and flexing them around the house as you try to decide if you can squeeze one more season out of them. It’s very VERY serious business. 
But what about your muscles? We all know that feeling of the first day on the hill with the burning quads and cramping feet. Though it’s difficult to avoid ALL soreness on that first day, it’s super common for skiers and snowboarders of all levels to sign up for a preparation couse leading up to the ski season.
These courses are guaranteed to kick you in the butt. Imagine all the lunges, jump-squats, leg presses and dead lifts you could ever hope for! PLUS you get a trainer screaming in your ear telling you how weak you are and how you are going to be crushed come opening day. Yes, people pay for this. And for a good reason. Why sacrifice being sore pre-season, rather than just dealing with it as it comes? Because you never know what opening day will bring. It may be a ribbon of death”, as we call that one barely-covered run on the mountain that everyone is forced down, or it may be an epic powder day that demands the mountain to fully open. And you don’t want to miss out on that because your legs just simply can’t handle it”.

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