Should I Plan a Ski Trip This Winter?

Let’s just say it: Our last ski season got cut short. We all had ski passes that didn’t get scanned and booked flights that got cancelled. Did anybody else find themselves watching the news at home on a day that they were scheduled to be lining up a shot-ski with their friends in Steamboat?

We deserve a do-over. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already renewed your IKON or EPIC pass for next year. That’s the thing about us skiers- we are endlessly optimistic. I mean, we ride lifts in the swirling wind when it’s 14F just for that one UNBELIEVABLE pow run. We’re a hopeful and creatively determined group of humans. As we are learning ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and recreate responsibly, many of us are beginning to travel again. With resorts opening again this summer we are feeling optimistic about our upcoming ski season. Here are a few tips to help you navigate our current situation and plan your next ski trip.

Travel Tips

As we are becoming more accustomed to wearing our masks and increasing our sanitation protocols, air travel is becoming more prevalent once again. If you don’t feel comfortable flying right now, plan a road trip! This is a great excuse to pull out a map and get creative. You might have your favorite resort town that you fly to every year, but what about visiting somewhere different within road-trip-range? We service over 50 resorts worldwide and can help get you set up wherever you decide to go. 

Lodging, Dining, Apres

Mountain towns have been quick to adapt and learn how to safely host guests. You can expect stringent sanitation protocols at hotels and longer windows of vacancy for your room between bookings. While the apres scene might look a little different this season, restaurants are providing diners with a safe distance to enjoy a meal. Want to spread out and relax without having to think about the term social distancing” at the end of the day? What about booking an Airbnb or a room with a kitchenette? Make a big breakfast before heading to the mountain for the day, and pick up some takeout on your way home.

Show Your Favorite Mountain Town Some Love

You might not be dining out as often on your next ski trip- and that’s okay. When you pick up your takeout, be sure to express your gratitude and appreciation with a generous tip. Remember, these ski towns are working in overdrive behind the scenes to make sure they are doing their part to keep you safe and comfortable. You might have lost a few weeks of skiing last season, but they lost a decent portion of their annual income. Show love where you can, how you can, and when you can. That might mean you stop and pick up a souvenir from a local shop, or tip a little extra when you get a coffee. And that mask/​buff/​face covering you are wearing? Remember, you are wearing it out of respect and kindness for the towns and shops you are visiting. It’s not about you, this is for them. Most importantly, if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, be flexible and willing to change your plans and visit another time.

Navigating and planning for this upcoming season might feel like standing at the top of a steep run you haven’t skied before. You might feel a little nervous as you are unsure of the conditions and obstacles ahead. Approach this season like you approach skiing: stay loose and flexible, and look ahead with bright optimism.

We know that you will be mindful about your upcoming travel, and we would love to help you avoid crowded lines in the rental shops. We’d love to take care of you wherever you find yourself this next season.

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