Should I Stay in Telluride or Mountain Village

So you’ve decided to ski Telluride, one of the country’s most beautiful mountains, with terrain that is unrivaled in its quality and diversity. While the natural beauty and wonder of the San Juans are the primary draw to this region, the idyllic town of Telluride and its cozy neighbor, Mountain Village offer an endless array of activities!

The Town of Telluride

Telluride is one of those few remaining Wild West towns that has managed to survive — even thrive — despite ever-changing times and economies. The town was conceived as little more than a remote mining outpost that enticed gold-hungry prospectors with legends of endless treasures buried in its valley’s steep and ragged peaks. While gold camps persisted, they were never excavated here in the mythical quantities onced dreamed of; other minerals like zinc, copper and silver were mined in large quantities here and to this day, over 300 miles of tunnels in the surrounding mountains stand as evidence of the once booming mining industry in Telluride.

The historic town of Telluride displays evidence of its rough-and-tumble mining past around every corner; from the beautiful decorations of the New Sheridan Opera House and Bar to the wall of the Last Dollar Saloon, which displays tale after tale of gunfights in the streets and saloon brawls, it’s a town that combines the wonder and beauty of one of the nation’s premier skiing destinations with the exciting history and wonder of the Wild West. 

Staying in town offers close proximity to many of Telluride’s first-class dining establishments as well as a plethora of evening entertainment. Whether you’ve rented a condo or bunked-up in a historic room in the New Sheridan Hotel, you’ll never be far from live music, art galleries, historic sites and lots of shopping! Plus — in just a short walk you’ll have direct access to skiing via Lift 7 or a free Gondola ride up to Mountain Village.

Choosing to base your lodgings in the town of Telluride will put you at the center of everything!

Mountain Village

But don’t forget about Mountain Village! With each new season this vibrant community has something new and exciting to bring to the table. From five-diamond resorts to a seemingly endless array of private properties available, Mountain Village has something for everyone. While the town of Telluride leans heavily on its historical past, Mountain Village provides the community with the warm, cozy ski village that we all think of when we imagine our ski vacations.

Whether it’s enjoying a warm mug of hot chocolate around the Village’s many open fire pits or going for a skate at the ice rink that’s maintained all season long, you’ll feel right at home in Telluride’s elevated ski village. Ski schools and children’s programs compliment several areas in Mountain Village geared towards the younger vacationers — sledding hills, the ice rink, and a safe, enclosed environment provide endless fun for your kids. 

First class dining options at some of the most beautiful restaurant spaces in the industry — enjoy the best in culinary diversity and expertise while gazing upon unparalleled views of the San Juans!

If you’re looking to focus on your skiing, hit the hot tubs and cozy up next to the fire, Mountain Village is the place for you! And don’t forget, the Town of Telluride is always accessible via the FREE gondola — enjoy an afternoon or night out in Telluride and you’ll have no worries when it comes to getting back to your lodgings in the village, just jump on in!

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