Should You Rent Skis or Bring Your Own?

Should You Rent Skis or Bring Your Own?
Going on a ski vacation can be an exciting time for everyone involved, but some logistics need to be taken care of before leaving. While you may feel more comfortable skiing with your own gear, traveling with equipment can be difficult and expensive. You should consider a few factors before deciding whether to rent ski equipment or travel with your own skis. 
Renting Skis
Every ski resort offers skis and other equipment at very reasonable prices. While the overall prices for rental skis will vary based on each resort, you should have no problem finding rental skis for about $40-$60 a day. If you are only planning a few days of skiing on your trip, you should have no problem affording the ski rentals each day. However, ski rentals can become expensive if you have a long trip planned, but most rental shops will work with you on price if you are staying for an extended period.
Bringing Your Own Skis
The price of bringing your own skis ultimately depends on how far you are traveling. If the ski resort is only a short drive from your home, then you should have no problem bringing your own skis. The cost of bringing your own skis can be more costly when you fly to your destination. Airline baggage fees continue to rise and can be upwards of $100 each way for oversize luggage like a ski bag. You can always avoid the airline baggage fees by having your skis shipped to your destination by a luggage service. You must ship your skis at least a week in advance, but you should be able to find a luggage service that can ship them for under $200 depending on your location and destination. 
Talent Level
If you are an extremely passionate skier, then it may be wise to actually rent skis on your trip as most rental providers have the newest and best skis in their Demo” Packages. This will allow you to try the best technology the industry has to offer which will help you with purchasing decisions should you be ready to upgrade your current set up in the near future.
The choice between renting skis and traveling with skis ultimately comes down to overall cost, convenience and the amoutn of hassle you are willing to deal with. If you are planning an extended vacation or are not traveling far from home, then it will be cheaper to travel with your own skis. Renting skis is probably a better option if you are only planning a short trip or flying to a ski destination. Once you have considered all the variables of your ski vacation, you should have no problem deciding whether to rent ski equipment or travel with your own. 

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