Sick, Dope and Rad

The X Games blow up Aspen, again!

  • Danny Davis won gold in the Men’s Snowboard Superpipe — his 1st time qualifying in 6 X Games
  • Aspen will host the X Games thru 2019
  • Shaun White opted out of the games to prepare for Sochi 
  • Colten Moore wins gold for his brother who died as a result of a crash at last years X Games
  • New attendance records were set, again. 48,000 people on Saturday
  • A snowmobile doing a flip is awesome
  • More Red Bull and Monster Energy were consumed than most doctors would ever recommend
Would you like to see it all? X Games Aspen Wrap Up
Setup for the X Games on Buttermilk begins in October so when X Games weekend finally gets here the phrase about time!” goes through everyone’s head. It is an unbelievable weekend filled with ridiculous humans doing ridiculous things, or Extreme humans doing Extreme things.” There’s concerts, hospitality tents, everyplace dons a VIP area, there’s swag, energy drinks and a ton of people. Everything about the X Games is extreme.
One of the most amazing moments of this years X Games was on the first night when Colten Moore won the Snowmobile Freestyle Comp. Last year his brother, Caleb, took a terrible crash in the same event, the injuries ultimately taking his life. It was certainly an emotional start to the games and a scene most will always remember from X Games 2014.
Words have a tough time explaining the X Games so hopefully the video and the pictures can help set the scene. If you enjoy any of these events I would highly recommend you come to next years X Games as it is an incredible experience that must be seen in person.

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