Ski Butlers First 100% Electric Van

We are excited to announce that your deliveries just got cleaner! We have purchased a new Nissan NV200 Commercial Van from Europe, which is 100% Electric. This is puts us one step closer to our goal of no new gas vehicle purchases starting in 2025.

Additionally, we have internal goals to get all our electricity from renewable sources by 2020

Why this focus? Core Value #5 is Give and we like to give back to our local communities that have given us so much. With climate change being a huge threat to the ski industry, we are doing our part to try and lead other companies to commit to sustainable practices. 

In addition to internal goals, Ski Butlers helped the Town of Park City commit to some of the worlds strongest net zero energy goals and now is helping spread the success in Park City to other mountain towns and cities across the Western United States.

As a customer, how can you help? We encourage you to donate $10 at checkout, which we will donate to some of our climate change partners, including Protect Our Winters.

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