Ski Butlers Give Team Members Half Day Off to Vote

I’m excited to announce that on this election day will be a half-day holiday at Ski Butlers, so our team members can exercise their right to VOTE.

At Ski Butlers, we believe that our right to vote is so important that we are giving our team members the afternoon of November 6th OFF…

  • To go vote.
  • To encourage others to go vote.
  • And to be a part of this process that so many in America don’t take advantage of (only 58% of eligible voters voted in the 2016 election).
Additionally, our WHY, believing in people pursuing their passions in the mountains is at risk. Without our elected officials making our environment a top priority, there will not be skiing later this century. 

According to the Environmental Voter Project, there are 16 million environmentalists” in this country that don’t vote each election. If we just get them to vote, we could change the course of history (and PS, one of our team members, a follower of us on social media or our blog might be one of these 16 million environmentalists who doesn’t vote). 

So we asked our Team Members for three simple calls to action…


Use Twitter’s new service, Twitter Turbo VOTE to pledge & register to vote. 

Encourage 5 Friends to VOTE

Encourage friends, other team members, colleagues and family members to register & vote.

Share these resources.

Educate Yourself on Environmental Candidates 

Learn about where your candidates stand on the Environmental 

The Sierra Club has a great tool for this. 

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