Ski Butlers — In House

In beautiful Eagle County, Colorado, Ski Butlers has a number of different service centers in order to guarantee excellent service to all of our guests. Eagle County, home to the resorts of Beaver Creek and Vail, has already received feet of snow this fall and has locals excited for the coming winter. We have a traditional Ski Butlers location from which we deliver skis and snowboards around the county to visitors coming through in the winter months. On top of that, we have in house service centers in two hotels spread around Vail Village. This allows us to make ski vacations a little easier for the guests of those hotels specifically by running a ski valet for all of their guests, and being on site for any rental needs they may have. Have an issue with your equipment? Ski Butlers are on site throughout the entire ski day to fix any issues you may have with your equipment.

In eastern Vail Village, Ski Butlers has partnered with The Manor Vail Hotel to provide rentals and ski valet to every guest of the hotel. Each morning long before the lifts start spinning, Ski Butlers employees are arriving at the Manor Vail hotel in order to bring all guests skis up to two conveniently located spots on property for guests to grab their skis on the way to the lifts. This allows our team to ensure each guest is getting their proper equipment, and allows our team to make personal recommendations as to where to ski and eat on the mountain that day depending on the conditions and weather. Additionally, if any guest is in need of ski rentals, we are able to handle this request on site, making it easy for guests that decide not to travel with their equipment, or decide not to buy equipment for their growing kids that seem to outgrow their equipment every season.

In western Vail, referred to as Lionshead Village, The Antlers Hotel has welcomed Ski Butlers employees into their operation to facilitate easy ski vacations for their guests. At the Antlers Hotel, Ski Butlers is actually able to take guests skis all the way to the base of the lift where guests of the hotel will encounter a Ski Butlers ready to help them find their gear for the day. Providing this extra level of service allows our team to further facilitate an excellent ski vacation for you, your family and friends. Did you fly out with a great groomer ski but then we got fresh snow overnight? No problem, our team is ready on site to set you up with a wider ski tat is more appropriate for the powder conditions.

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