Ski Butlers Off-Season Projects

What does Ski Butlers do in the offseason? I started my last blog post with the same prompt. We are now a month further into summer, and my golf game has certainly not gotten any better… with that being said, I have a lot more clarity on what a ski rental delivery company does when there is no snow on the ground.

Around the office, we have settled into a groove of cranking away on projects to improve the Ski Butlers service in many ways. When it comes to being an industry leader, all of our decisions have meaning and impact. Every part of our delivery process is examined in the summer to make sure we are meeting and exceeding guest expectations. Currently, we are working on uniform standards for the upcoming season. It might seem minimal, but having a team of 300+ across the country calls for some guidelines to be put in place. We need to make sure that our team members look the part when operating in the high-end properties we work with.

To break this down even further, our Regional GM Shawna and I are redesigning our teams’ hats, and ordering new styles to appeal to all of our team members. Have a small head? We have the perfect hat for you. Have a huge head? We’ve got you covered. Really cold today? Try a Ski Butlers beanie. We also are taking more ownership over outerwear for when it is cold. In the past, our team members have worn their own winter jackets to protect themselves from the elements. We are exploring new partnerships to ensure that our team members are comfortable in their Ski Butlers apparel. None of our guests or partners should ever have to question when a Ski Butlers team member is in the building.

Another aspect of our Ski Rental process that is getting attention this summer is our phone system. We service 37 resorts in North America alone, and need to be able to communicate seamlessly between all of them. We are hiring more reservations agents than ever to make sure that all calls are answered and questions addressed. We want to make sure we are able to transfer calls between offices and between agents so no call ever gets dropped. Our communication between each other and to our guests is just as important as the service we provide in-person. 

These few projects are just a snapshot into the myriad of projects going on at Ski Butlers. There are countless things that can be changed and improved to provide the best possible service for our guests. It is that commitment to bettering ourselves that keeps our customers coming back year after year. Only a little over 5 months until ski season, it’s right around the corner. 

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