Ski Butlers Receives Award from Recycle Utah for Global Impact

Recycle Utah recently had its 2022 Green Business awards where awardees were selected from 34 businesses that have joined their revamp program since July 2022. Out of those 34 businesses, 5 were selected for awards this year based on, the number of environmentally minded committed actions, the innovations and impact of these actions, and their enthusiasm and dedication to creating sustainability within their business,” according to Recycle Utah’s blog. 

Ski Butlers awarded the Global Impact Award

Ski Butlers received the Global Impact award based on our accomplishments and efforts in climate sustainability across all of our marketing within the United States, Canada, and Europe. A few of these accomplishments that the Green Business awards highlighted were:

  • Collaborating with Protect Our Winters and switched banks to stop financing fossil fuels.
  • CEO, Bryn Carey, helping Park City Municipal lay the groundwork for the town to commit to 100% clean energy. 
  • Installing solar panels at our Park City location. 
  • Working with Park City to establish climate goals. 
  • Lobbying with U.S. senators for better climate policy. 
  • Our commitment to 100% clean energy by 2030
  • Purchasing electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We want to thank Recycle Utah for highlighting the actions that we’ve taken as a company to help be an innovator within the climate sustainability field and also would like to thank all the other award winners for all the hard work they have put in to help make Park City one of the leaders in climate sustainability. 

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