Ski Butlers Shop Culture

As you can imagine, things at Ski Butlers are pretty quiet in the summer months. I mean that in a literal sense. Besides the keystrokes and clicking mouses as our small summer crew diligently works on their individual projects, there isn’t much else in terms of noise or distractions. 

This is fantastic for our productivity.. but, by the end of July, it can really make you start craving the commotion of the shop in mid-winter. 

There’s nothing like walking into the shop during shift change. Pandora radio bumping out of the speakers as a Ski Technician is just returning from deliveries, triumphant after their successful morning of delivering happiness in the form of skis and service; other Team Members reloading vans with extra boot sizes and packing up the last of the orders for families flying into town later that night; a computer screen displaying the latest snow forecast, while our Team Leader organizes binders with paperwork so the next shift can start without a hitch. 

And that’s all before those smiling faces with cold cheeks come in for the second shift. Half the time, Team Members show up to the shop still in their snow gear — fresh from the slopes — thoroughly stoked on the runs they were able to take that morning. Nothing is better motivation for the morning crew: they want to get out there, too. 

It’s fantastic to see that kind of passion reflected in each of our staff’s faces. It’s why most of us moved to a mountain town. It’s why Ski Butlers exists: we believe in people pursuing their passions in the mountains — customers, partners and team members alike. And that shared devotion and excitement each of us feels in the shop translates so well into our customer service. When our team shows up to your door, ski gear in tow, they can’t wait to share the snow forecast, a couple of the best ski runs of the day and the best place to apres after you’ve had your fill of the slopes.. I assure you, the passion is contagious. 

How many days until the lifts start spinning?

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